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Published: February 07, 2018   Published by: Published by:

We have integrated with Punctual Abstract’s title and abstract services!

The integration enables Landtech's customers to order Punctual Abstract's products from within our software. The integration eliminates the need for dual entry, and saves time and increases workflow efficiency for settlement agents.

 “Our integration with Landtech provides a dynamic, streamlined workflow right from the start. With the fast pace that we’re used to moving, integrations with our client’s software eliminates a significant amount of valuable time on the user’s end,” Punctual Abstract CEO Melissa Buras said in a release.

 “Our industry is technology-driven and Landtech’s robust application paired with Punctual’s creates proficiency for our mutual customers. We are anxious to see where our two forward-thinking platforms will take us,” Buras added.

Landtech and CSC® Announce New Integration: Previous

Landtech Settlement Software has integrated CSC’s eRecording solution into its title production software, the companies announced.

Published: February 07, 2018

Landtech and CSC® Announce New Integration

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